Phone Detective by Brandon Hann Ebook Review

Brandon Hann’s Phone Detective is a reverse phone lookup. It is futile to go through an e-book to understand what a reverse phone lookup is, as in this review you’ll find all the details and reviews of others about this product.

This is basically a site to help the people who are having a nightmare due to an unknown caller.

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Phone Detective by Brandon Hann Review: Program Details

This review will answer all of your queries regarding the Phone Detective and will help you in solving your problem. Moreover, I have gone through a lot of e-books and reviews and I can easily identify which are the fake ones. So for the purpose of highlighting the fake scam alerts and reviews, I have discussed some points at the end of the article.

Now the question is, when should you use the Phone Detective? It isn’t necessary to track all the unknown calls which are received on your phone. Some calls must not be deliberately made. Phone Detective can be of great help if:

  • You are being harassed by an unknown caller over a long period of time.
  • You are at office and want to know whether your employees are using the office phone for business purposes or not.
  • You think your spouse is cheating on you and you want to check his/her phone record to identify the calls being made or received.
  • You are related to some law enforcement agency or a crime investigation department and you need to track all the criminals’ records.

Phone Detective is the best reverse phone lookup tool today. It is accurate, fast, cheap and very user friendly. It can be of great help if you are facing consistent phone calls by harassers, fraudulent people, cheaters and other criminals. This website will give you a peace of mind in situations of distress. You should know that whoever the caller is and wherever he lives, he will be traced and he is not hidden from the Phone Detective.

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reviews truthProduct Name: Phone Detective

Author: Brandon Hann

Product website:

Product Category: Reverse phone lookup

Product Description

Phone Detective is basically an application designed to detect the unknown callers who harass people and cheat and abuse them. This product is here to solve all your problems and give you a peace of mind. Be it a cell number or landline, the Phone Detective is able to detect all the details related to the caller, including his physical address, his name and even his workplace.

Phone Detective by Brandon Hann Ebook Review

Distinguishing Features

  • Remarkable investigative tool: Although there are many other tools which are used for the reverse phone lookup purpose, Phone Detective is by far the best in delivering accurate results.
  • Expanded search results: Phone Detective tracks all the necessary information regarding the caller which includes caller name, physical address, workplace, service provider and even the details of the phone being used.
  • Money back guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can just complain and get a refund.
  • An extensive directory: Phone Detective has a wide database of all the registered numbers in the states. Thus, it makes it an ideal one in terms of the widest phone numbers’ directory.
  • Accuracy: Phone Detective is the most accurate tool to identify the caller. Its accuracy results are up to 95%. Other competitors may not give as accurate results and detailed information regarding the caller.
  • Speedy service: Other tools come with a slow speed and laggy tracking software. Phone Detective gives you results on time. Speedy results are of supreme importance if someone is harassing you or bothering you for a long period.
  • Cell phone provider: Phone Detective is able to track down all the details of the caller’s cellphone carrier.
  • Confidential service: No one will ever be able to know if you are tracing their information. You are the only person who knows about what you’re doing.
  • Safe Purchasing system: The purchasing system is very secure as it has all the information regarding your purchase.

File format

Phone detective is compatible with any laptop, smartphone, iPad or desktop. The member area is compatible with all the major browsers and computer types.

Shipping Cost: None, it’s delivered online only

Product cost: Premium membership costs you $39.95 whereas single report membership will cost you $14.95

Available offline at traditional booksellers? No

Available at Amazon: Instantly

Bonuses included with the purchase: Yes, Phone Detective comes up with these bonuses:

  • Outsource code home study course
  • Pocket copy writer software
  • Social marketing software & traffic system
  • Full access to internet business basics value

reviews truthDiscount code or coupon: None

Free Version: No, but some basic information can be received free, but for detailed one you have to pay.

Refund Policy: Yes, if you come up with no search results.

Offers Secure online payment: Yes, your information is protected by a 128-bit SSL connection.

Where to learn more:

Alternatives to the Phone Detective: Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, SpyEra

How does it function?

Phone detective is an app which is very easy to use, all you have to do is to go to the app, sign up and get started:

  • Go to the search bar, enter the phone number and press enter.
  • You’ll get the details regarding the phone number in an instant.
  • Not all the information is free. For some, you’ll have to pay.

Consumer alerts regarding Phone Detective

I have noticed a number of websites which are coming up with fake reviews, fake discount offers like free download, and other tactics to attract you towards their sites. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • If you come across some links like ‘Consumer reports Phone Detective’ or ‘Reverse Phone Detective a scam?’, just know that they are nothing but some tactics used to draw you towards their sites. And when you read them, they make you think whether you’re using the right app or not? Do a simple thing, just go to the original site and read the reviews there. Be positive about what you’re doing and don’t get yourself distracted by these fake scam alerts. Sometimes the scam alerts help you and warn against scams, but then they should be genuine, not fake. You have to judge which is a fake scam alert by yourself. This can be done if you notice that the page title doesn’t match with the inner content of the page.
  • Now there are some sites that make a headline like ‘free download’. You can also come across some page titled as ‘Phone Detective free download’. Just know that the Phone Detective is not free. Beware of these false alerts as these are just attempts to attract you towards their sites.
  • Then we come across some fake reviews. Fake reviews don’t provide you with authentic details. If you read any review regarding Phone Detective and you aren’t satisfied with the content or the grammar that has been used, you should know it’s just another fake review.