Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green Review

This is a review of Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green, which is an easily accessible ebook where Green talks about the deceptive behavior of the Charlatans and how the fall of the American society can be blamed upon them. The book talks about the society and true stories about what is really going on in the society and the reason for the decline of America.


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Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green review: Program details

People have been wondering why the society is going the way it is. In the Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green ebook review, you will know the answer to that question. We often question the little deceptions in life and blame others, but what is the real reality behind whatever that’s going on?

The author Christopher J. Green is an investigative journalist and author who have the guts and courage to display the truth as it is. In his latest work, Death of the Family, he reveals how the Americans were deceived by the charlatans who claimed to have been building and creating a more refined and enlightened liberal society but whose only aim was to break America from within.

After a detailed research which took 3 long years, the author has discovered the appalling truth about the people who were supposed to be the protectors but instead were using their power and authority and the position of trust to deceive the very citizens who put them there.

Christopher Green further talks about how the Americans were in trouble soon after the Great War when they started to go against the principles laid by their founding fathers. This step by step historical guide by the author gives a detailed view of what happened and what is really happening.

The doubts that something is very wrong with the society have definitely been seeded in the minds of people, and we often do wonder why we are going in a direction that is completely downhill. It is a very revealing story written by the author that makes you want to keep reading it to uncover the mysteries and facts that are in plain sight but which we unfortunately keep missing. This is a story of deception, treachery and betrayal on an unbelievable scale that will blow your minds.

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Author: Christopher J. Green

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Product Description

Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green is a book based on the current events, where the author talks about the secret occurrences in the society which may have led to the destruction of the backbone of the society, causing all the troubles today. It is a psychological and philosophical view which is truthful and grabs the reader and makes you want to read till the very end to discover what actually happens and to discover the unexpected truth of the society.

Themes of the book

The deception

Christopher J. Green talks about how the very people that were chosen to look after the country were the ones who deceived everyone and worked from within to start a stealth war to destroy and break the backbone of the society. The backbone of society is the institution we call family, which was created to keep us together. The charlatans used secretive and devious ways to destroy this institution as we see it happening today in front of our eyes.

The values of our forefathers

The Judeo-Christian values that were once upon a time respected and followed by all are replaced today. These perfectly wholesome values that, when followed, led to positivity and growth are now being replaced by values and norms that were considered and known to be destructive by our forefathers, who could have foreseen how they would lead to the fall of our society.

Organized crime racket

Christopher J. Green further goes on to discuss how the seemingly legal and worthy organizations are just using these labels as a disguise to cover their truly ruthless and deceptive motives that would lead to no good. He talks about how men are being undermined at all the different levels of society by these so-called organizations and notable charities that only just amount to being an organized crime racket to take the society by surprise as they lead it to its destruction.

America after World War 2

Green also digs into the reasons of why we are what we are today. He questions the reason behind the unhappy young men and women who have devoted their lives to finding happiness but are not being able to do so, and why America hasn’t progressed too much in consideration of its people.

The reason behind everything

We may not say anything but everyone can see how the world is changing and it’s not in a positive sense with feminine men and destructive teens who are living meaninglessly as they do not know what direction to take. The little things we pretend not to see are the actual causes of the downfall, and you know something is definitely wrong so read to find the reason behind everything.

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