Click4Surveys by Daniel Cooper Ebook Review

If you want to make money effectively online, then you should read this Click4Surveys by Daniel review which would give you a deeper insight into the book than other reviews. In the former sentence, the word ‘effectively’ has been used which indeed explains the website in its originality.

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Click4Surveys by Daniel Cooper Ebook Review: Program Details

Making money has never been easy, no matter what are you doing, even if you are a gas filler at the gas station. You always have to work hard for it and your work stretches some really tiring hours. However, now there is a way through which you can earn enough to even save a considerable amount.

For that, you do not have to stay at some place for hours and neither do you need to be caged all day. You do not have to worry about any deadlines and also you do not have to put extra stress on yourself. All you have to do is register at Click4Surveys and take surveys!

It is definitely as simple as it sounds. Companies actually try hard to know their customers for improving their products through which they can then take over the market and win from their competitors. In doing so, they let you take a simple survey through Click4Surveys and in turn pay you for it. In other words, you get paid for your opinion in a matter of few hours. There are numerous companies who have put their survey on the mentioned website and are waiting for you. All you got to do is enter your email and start the survey.

Product Name:Click4Survey

Also Known As:ECSH Survey

Author: Daniel Cooper

Product Website:

Product Category:E-business & E-marketing

Product Sub-Categories: Paid Surveys

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Product Description

The Click4Surveys by Daniel Cooper is a website which has a myriad of companies waiting for the people to take their small survey and in turn pay the survey taker. This is as simple as it sounds. The customer has to just enter their email, pay an initial amount of just $97 dollars and then enter the coupon number they receive. There is a fleeting 65% discount on the coupon and indeed it is the highest discount ever experienced from an online source. Not just that, you also get a bonus of $50 dollars on the membership after you take your first survey. The surveys generally include simple and easy to answer questions which can be done in a few minutes as those question are mostly regarding your consumption of certain products and the way you consume them. At the end of the survey, you are paid the amount promised initially.

Once you join, finding all the surveys is very easy. On the website, you’d have the option to select any of the companies from the list and take its survey. To the right side of the name of the company, the amount to be paid would be displayed and thus you can always select any company offering you more money. This is the perk of using Click4Survey. With it, you are just clicks away from making handsome amounts of money.

Click4Surveys by Daniel Cooper Ebook Review

Techniques provided in the course (Why should you join Click4Survey?)

  • Easy way of making money: Indeed, making money isn’t easy at all. However, now with this website, you can have your bank account teeming with money. By taking a simple survey, you are actually paid for your opinion which is very convenient and refreshing. All you have to do is sit in front of your laptop and give few hours to answering a set of simple questions about products which you or your family normally consume.
  • Making money your way: One of the things which makes this technique the most reliable one is the choice which it gives you. You can choose any company you want and then take its survey. No hard and fast rules. This means you can always choose the company which pays you more than others.
  • Easy payments: The money which you’d receive from the companies would either be transferred to your account online or sent to you in the form of a bank check. Here too it is your choice how you want to have your money transferred to you. With this website, your worries of following a never-ending complex way of transferring money is over.

Product Notables

According to Clickbank, the gravity of ECSH survey is 255.74 and it ranks 21, which shows just how popular and how followed this website is. Not just that, the average % per sale is 68%, while average % per rebill is 50%. The credibility of Click4Survey can be easily judged by these credentials.

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File format

There are no files offered on the websites and you do not have to download anything. The surveys offered are online and are to be filled online. Their submission is also online.

Product cost:The coupon cost is $97 which you have to pay once and this is mandatory for registration.

Shipping cost:It is an online website and cannot be shipped.

Available offline at traditional booksellers? No

Available at Amazon?No

Bonuses: There is a very exciting bonus on registering for Click4Survey. You would receive a bonus of $50 after you become a member, which is more than the total amount you pay considering the 65% discount on the coupon.


Free version:No

Refund policy:Yes, Clickbank gives a 100% money back guarantee in 60 days if you aren’t satisfied with it.

Secure mode of payment:The payments are accepted through PayPal and other trusted credit cards and the money is handled in the atmosphere of tight security.

Where to learn more:You can learn more about Click4Surveys on the website mentioned.

Customer alerts

There are some websites which claim that this way of making money is totally vain and it is a fraud. What they don’t know or maybe neglect is that all the companies do the market research, which is a research in which they get to know their customers deeply.Taking surveys is a safe, easy and reliable way of making money so register now and start making money.